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Files for Nokia_BB5_firmwares

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non-Symbian/ 30-Dec-2020 09:28 -
3250 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 00:09 1.8G
5230 (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 01:41 4.7G
5250 (View Contents) 12-Nov-2020 00:03 6.7G
5320 (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 22:21 5.2G
5320 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:04 518.7M
5320 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:04 764.1M
5500 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 03:13 2.0G
5530 (View Contents) 18-Nov-2020 00:11 4.1G
5530 (View Contents) 18-Nov-2020 01:29 4.1G
5530 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 23:54 3.4G
5630 (View Contents) 07-Nov-2020 00:41 3.0G
5700 (View Contents) 05-Nov-2020 22:54 1.7G
5700 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:28 340.8M
5730x (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 01:24 4.6G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 01:45 4.0G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 02:38 4.0G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 01:15 4.0G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 01:30 4.0G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 14:23 4.1G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 14:37 4.1G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 13:16 4.0G
5800 (View Contents) 04-Dec-2020 13:23 1.5G
6110n (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 02:08 2.0G
6120c (View Contents) 15-Nov-2020 21:31 4.3G
6120c (View Contents) 15-Nov-2020 21:16 4.1G
6121 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:20 373.7M
6124c (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:40 1.0G
6210n (View Contents) 07-Nov-2020 03:49 3.8G
6220c (View Contents) 14-Nov-2020 01:46 7.8G
6290 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:07 720.7M
6630 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 20:00 2.7G
6650f (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:18 410.7M
6680 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 03:21 2.2G
6681 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 15:18 1.1G
6682 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:33 190.0M
6700s (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 19:06 4.2G
6700s (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 19:21 4.1G
6700s (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 18:40 4.0G
6700s (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 18:50 2.3G
6700s (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 03:05 2.2G
6710n (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 03:38 4.7G
6720c (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 14:14 4.3G
6720c (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:16 422.5M
6730c (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 20:15 2.7G
6730c (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 16:54 2.4G
6760s (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 04:57 2.3G
C5-00 (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 04:56 4.3G
C5-00 (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 01:38 4.3G
C5-00 (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 01:52 4.3G
C5-00 (View Contents) 22-Nov-2020 02:00 1.6G
C5-03 (View Contents) 15-Nov-2020 23:35 4.2G
C5-03 (View Contents) 16-Nov-2020 00:04 4.3G
C5-03 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 16:34 2.5G
C6-00 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 20:16 4.2G
C6-00 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 20:36 4.1G
C6-00 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 20:48 3.1G
C6-01 (View Contents) 11-Nov-2020 05:11 6.4G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 05:04 4.0G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 04:03 4.1G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 04:24 4.1G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 04:39 4.3G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 17:12 4.0G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 16:24 4.0G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 16:40 4.0G
C7-00 (View Contents) 06-Dec-2020 16:56 4.0G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 04:12 4.2G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 04:27 4.1G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 03:55 4.0G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 13:15 4.2G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 12:51 4.3G
E5-00 (View Contents) 01-Dec-2020 12:58 2.0G
E5-00 (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 23:52 6.1G
E50 (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 04:11 4.2G
E50 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 04:42 2.3G
E51 (View Contents) 13-Nov-2020 23:53 7.5G
E51-2 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 00:19 1.8G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 02:29 4.0G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 01:59 4.2G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 02:14 4.0G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 15:24 4.1G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 15:41 4.1G
E52 (View Contents) 02-Dec-2020 15:10 2.4G
E52 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 15:23 1.3G
E55 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 15:29 1.4G
E6-00 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:07 738.1M
E60 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 00:02 1.6G
E61 (View Contents) 11-Nov-2020 14:37 6.5G
E61i (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 19:49 2.6G
E62 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:09 503.8M
E63 (View Contents) 26-Nov-2020 13:01 4.1G
E63 (View Contents) 26-Nov-2020 04:24 4.2G
E63 (View Contents) 26-Nov-2020 12:47 4.2G
E63 (View Contents) 27-Nov-2020 14:52 4.2G
E63 (View Contents) 27-Nov-2020 16:20 4.0G
E63 (View Contents) 27-Nov-2020 14:36 1.8G
E65 (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 02:36 4.2G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 01:57 4.2G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 02:15 4.0G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 02:42 4.1G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 02:57 4.0G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 01:38 4.0G
E66 (View Contents) 25-Nov-2020 01:43 1.0G
E66 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:25 360.3M
E66 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 15:14 1.3G
E7-00 (View Contents) 20-Nov-2020 19:47 4.1G
E7-00 (View Contents) 20-Nov-2020 20:03 4.2G
E7-00 (View Contents) 20-Nov-2020 19:11 4.1G
E7-00 (View Contents) 20-Nov-2020 19:18 1.8G
E70 (View Contents) 05-Nov-2020 23:00 1.7G
E71 (View Contents) 07-Dec-2020 23:32 4.1G
E71 (View Contents) 07-Dec-2020 23:01 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 07-Dec-2020 23:16 4.2G
E71 (View Contents) 08-Dec-2020 15:33 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 08-Dec-2020 15:48 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 08-Dec-2020 15:19 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 09-Dec-2020 00:18 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 08-Dec-2020 22:52 4.0G
E71 (View Contents) 08-Dec-2020 22:55 1,011.5M
E71 (View Contents) 05-Nov-2020 22:48 1.7G
E71 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 16:44 2.6G
E72 (View Contents) 11-Nov-2020 03:29 6.3G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 03:05 4.1G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 03:19 4.1G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 03:34 4.1G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 02:48 4.1G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 18:57 4.2G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 17:07 4.4G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 17:22 4.1G
E72 (View Contents) 05-Dec-2020 18:30 2.2G
E75 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:43 914.5M
E75-1 (View Contents) 16-Nov-2020 18:10 4.7G
E75-1 (View Contents) 16-Nov-2020 18:26 4.7G
E90 (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 18:21 4.5G
N70 (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 18:10 5.0G
N70 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:26 342.9M
N71 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:14 96.9M
N71 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:11 644.7M
N72 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:47 1.1G
N73 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:51 1.0G
N73 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 17:12 4.0G
N73 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 15:00 4.0G
N73 (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 15:09 2.3G
N75 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:21 361.2M
N76 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 02:16 1.8G
N76 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:34 149.2M
N77 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:10 797.8M
N78 (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 02:21 4.0G
N78 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:13 804.0M
N79 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:30 287.8M
N79 (View Contents) 09-Nov-2020 18:03 4.4G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 05:35 4.2G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 05:50 4.0G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 06:06 4.2G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 13:48 4.2G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 13:08 4.1G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 13:22 4.0G
N8-00 (View Contents) 03-Dec-2020 13:31 2.3G
N80 (View Contents) 07-Nov-2020 00:52 2.8G
N81 (View Contents) 07-Nov-2020 04:03 3.7G
N81-3 (View Contents) 07-Nov-2020 00:30 3.1G
N82 (View Contents) 10-Nov-2020 03:19 4.7G
N85 (View Contents) 12-Nov-2020 18:33 7.2G
N85 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:14 714.7M
N86 (View Contents) 12-Nov-2020 15:03 6.9G
N90 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:57 576.2M
N91 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:59 461.5M
N91 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 18:34 1.7G
N92 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:29 296.8M
N93 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:33 254.1M
N93 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 02:00 1.9G
N93i (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 18:40 1.4G
N93i (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:31 274.0M
N95 (View Contents) 23-Nov-2020 16:18 4.2G
N95 (View Contents) 23-Nov-2020 16:32 4.0G
N95 (View Contents) 23-Nov-2020 15:46 4.0G
N95 (View Contents) 23-Nov-2020 16:01 3.0G
N95 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:01 595.7M
N95 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:36 826.2M
N95-8GB (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 00:27 4.0G
N95-8GB (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 00:03 4.0G
N95-8GB (View Contents) 17-Nov-2020 00:11 2.3G
N95-8GB (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 13:59 730.4M
N96 (View Contents) 12-Nov-2020 04:10 6.7G
N96 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 12:11 129.6M
N97 (View Contents) 18-Nov-2020 21:25 4.4G
N97 (View Contents) 18-Nov-2020 20:54 4.3G
N97 (View Contents) 18-Nov-2020 21:09 4.1G
N97mini (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 14:01 811.5M
N97mini (View Contents) 16-Nov-2020 14:40 4.3G
N97mini (View Contents) 16-Nov-2020 14:23 4.1G
Nokia_BB5_firmwares_archive.torrent 06-Nov-2020 20:18 741.6K
Nokia_BB5_firmwares_files.xml 01-Feb-2022 23:25 85.8K
Nokia_BB5_firmwares_meta.sqlite 29-Dec-2020 14:39 384.0K
Nokia_BB5_firmwares_meta.xml 01-Feb-2022 23:25 911.0B
Nokia_BB5_firmwares_reviews.xml 09-Oct-2021 06:09 544.0B
X6 (View Contents) 04-Nov-2020 18:28 1.4G
X6 (View Contents) 24-Nov-2020 05:16 4.3G
X6 (View Contents) 24-Nov-2020 03:29 4.1G
X6 (View Contents) 24-Nov-2020 03:43 4.1G
X6 (View Contents) 24-Nov-2020 03:58 4.1G
X6 (View Contents) 24-Nov-2020 04:05 2.0G
X7 (View Contents) 06-Nov-2020 04:49 2.3G